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"New Method Discovered...  We're Going To Build An Online Training Course Together GUARANTEED!!!"
... Even If You Have Failed With Creating A Course In The Past"
Chad Nicely
"The Course King"
From The Desk Of:  Chad Nicely
Las Vegas, NV

Dear Friend

If you have struggled with building an online training course, or if your online course is not producing results (yours students are not completing your lessons) than the most important online training you attend this year

and the BEST PART? 

I will pay your admission fee!

E-Learning expected to be a $325 Billion Dollar Market! 

This is the ONE thing I know will be around for a very long time. 

Regardless what happens in our industry...


Well because "E-learning is the future of education'
Here's who this is for:
 Anyone who is looking to create an online training course. (Now I don't care if you are using Teachable, Thinktific, Kajabi, or even if you have your course hosted on Udemy... Big Mistake!)
 Anyone who has something to teach the world, and they want to learn how to be profitable doing that in a digital format
 Anyone who is looking to supplement their income, and setup a residual business working from their home
Here's what you're getting:
I am going to host a 5-day masterclass where we will build your course together. You will have your course ready to go when you are done with this class.

There is NO ADMISSION FEE to attend this training (but there is a catch) :)

Have you ever heard that saying "You don't value anything for FREE?

Well forget about it... because I will absolutely destroy that belief.... we will get to that here in a minute... but first let's look at the training schedule...
Masterclass Schedule
MasterClass #1 (Creating The Course Foundation) - October 4, 2019
 You're going to receive a birds-eye view into the way we build courses. Our members have done over 15 million in sales with our system.... (TOTALLY DIFFERENT than anything you have seen)
 You're going to learn to do a simple two-minute market validation (make sure it's even worth building a course) 
We're going to first make sure we have the course positioned to be sold at a high ticket price.  This requires planning from the start (Ideal price should be $997)
 We're going to make sure we understand what our next level is.  Most people make the huge mistake of thinking this is the end goal.  This is your middle point
(Now you will of course have to finish the lesson videos, but that's not hard when you follow our "rapid video creation process" and I have a FREE BONUS for you for attending this call that will help you with this process.....
MasterClass #2 (Creating The Lessons) - October 5, 2019
 You're going to instantly create your course outline.  You don't even have to be the originator of this structure
 Your course will automatically be generated inside of our platform.  There is no buttons to click (Unless you want to of course...)
 You're going to very quickly create a very attractive branding that will be attractive to the eyes and have the consistency and congruency that is needed to keep the viewers attention.
 You're going to discover how to very easily add resources to all of your lessons.  (This can even be applied to all lessons at once...)
 You're going to discover how to very easily add resources to all of your lessons.  (This can even be applied to all lessons at once...)
 We're going to setup all of our payment options as well.  You can bundle your course, give it away or sell it individually... or do ALL THE ABOVE!
 We're then going to test our NEW COURSE and make sure the end users is able to login and see all the lessons.  This is where it all starts to come together...
MasterClass #3 (Adding The Gamification Magic) - October 6, 2019
  Now that you have your whole course created it's time for us to Gamify the course.... 
  YES! What good does it do if NONE of your students make it to the end of your course. With our proprietary process you will create points, badges and rewards inside of your course
  We need to figure out what your goals should be for each and every one of your lessons.  This is actually a very easy process... but most people make a VERY CRITICAL mistake that kills their whole course.  We will stop you from making that mistake!
  We will walk through the whole process. We will even show you how to use PLR as rewards inside of your course (Because I know y'all have a lot of PLR...)
MasterClass #4 (Creating Video Lessons) - October 9, 2019
  I'm going to introduce you to my "Rapid Video Creation Process."  This is going to allow you to create video lessons in record time
  I'm going to set you up so that you are easily able to add to your course, update or change your lessons whenever you want to.  (I wish I had learned this 10+ years ago... I would have saved over $100,000)
  I'll reveal all the software, programs and equipment that I use in this process.  I'm also going to tell you why you DON'T want to use professional or expensive equipment...
  When you all done with this process... your course is very easily able to be used in multiple marketplaces and niches.  You're also in a great position to white label it for MASSIVE PROFITS
If you really want to finish your course, this could be done in one day.  This process can be knocked out in no time at all...
    MasterClass #5 (The Final Touch) - October 10, 2019
    Time For Us To WRAP IT UP!
      I'll show you how to instantly create your marketing pages and your beautiful high converting member signup pages (Free or Paid) 
      You're going to learn how to create your payment options. (One time payment, bundle offer, re-occurring) 
      We're going to setup your access emails...
      We're going to setup a rating system, where the ratings and reviews are pulled into your sales page. 
      We're going to link all of your resources in the system
     You'll learn how to setup drip-feed (so that you can do a time release content strategy) 
      I'll even show you how you can create a whole entire autowebinar inside of our system (compete with timers, replays, emails) EVERYTHING you need is done for you 
    Big Extra Bonus!

    You're also going to receive 7 days of our course creation software for FREE. You'll have your course up during this masterclass....

    But now you have extra days to go out there and make your first sale.... COOL?
    Now how much is this going to cost?


    What the heck is the catch Chad?

    Very simple actually. I want you to get your course built so that you can see for yourself....

    #1 - You can actually create a course that is VERY PROFITABLE and you can do it with very little time or investment

    #2 - I want you to see hands-down that we are the VERY BEST solution when it comes to hosting your online courses... you won't find a better solution ANYWHERE! I promise whatever you are using, you're about to make a switch

    #3 - Once you become a believer you can spread the word about our platform and how it is the VERY BEST available. We will give you your own link.... and I'll even give you the slides from this 5-day workshop and you can run these events yourself!

    WOW! Now that's a double whammy!

    NOW... you have to know... I've already proven out this process over and over. I actually do this in a live event format here in Vegas where our members pay up to $7,500 to attend.

    You're getting the digital version of it.

    I only have so many spots available!  I want you to type in the comments below why you are a good fit for the 5 day "Course Masterclass" and tag people that you think are a good fit for this class ...

    Yes! I am looking for a before and after review from you!

    I Will Make You 3 Promises!

    #1 - You will have your course done during this online masterclass 

    #2 - You will leave knowing our process and system is the ONLY solution when it comes to create online courses and memberships.

    #3 – You will be in a position to make even MORE MONEY with our platform and strategies teaching it as your own

    Tell me below how bad you want this and why!

    See you inside! 

    Chad Nicely

    Why are you a good fit for this 3-day Course Master Class... Tell me in the comments below and I will choose a winner live on the event
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